Batter Mixes

At ABS we believe that quality matters, which is why we’re launching a top quality,

For manufacturing DELI BRAND batter mixtures,
we select the best wheat and other ingredients from india and around the world.
Every load that comes into our factories is thoroughly tested to meet our rigorous quality specifications.
The wheat is milled using a process designed precisely for batter production and then blended with our specially formulated pre-mixes to create the quality products that we sell.

Batter is used to keep breading attached to fried foods and consists of flour dissolved in water.
ABS’s batter makes preparation easy and allows anyone to make authentic food easy.
Batter made from our flour the breading attaches firmly to the ingredients and doesn’t come loose.

The Batter Company’s mission is to bring out innovative batter products that are high in flavour, high in quality and have no artificial additives.